The Cave

The Cave - Foundations Program

To get started in our CrossFit program you will start in our foundations program. This starts with 5 private, or semi-private sessions with a highly experienced trainer. In these sessions you will learn the fundamental movements utlized in the program as well as how to properly approach the program to achieve the best results.

This program involves movements that require practice. Proper mechanics are essential for success, and to ensure safety. The foundations program will provide you with the tools you need to thrive. Contact us today to schedule your first foundations session

The foundations sessions will be tailored to your ability level. If you've never done anything athletic before we will make sure you learn what is necessary to start your journey toward true health and fitness. If you have an extensive background in olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting and other sports we will help to perfect your technique and ensure your mechanics are as good as they can be.

So call us at (415) 927-1630 today to get started