The Cave

CrossFit Marin In The Cave

CrossFit is a rigorous fitness program involving movements from Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics and other sports. We specialize in not speciliazing. The program is broad and inclusive. It prepares you for sport, receation and life in ways that are unmatched.

We can guarantee results. Ask any other gym if they can do the same. Provided you work the plan we provide, your fitness will improve. Guaranteed. If you do not see noticeable results within a few months we will refund your fees. Just ask about our guarantee when you come into the gym.

With better results than having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost, our group sessions are motivating, engaging and fun. We keep a low student to trainer ratio so you will get plenty of specific coaching. Our trainers are some of the best in the business.

The changes you'll experience by doing CrossFit are remarkable. However, we don't expect you to take our word for it... Come down to the gym. Talk to any of our clients. Then we'll tell you more about the program and you can meet the people who have been positively impacted by our little gym.

For an idea of the CrossFit Philosophy, you can read our post on What is CrossFit?, but the best way to understand the program is to experience it. Call us or use our contact form to set up a time to come check it out.